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You also gain access to my WIPS that I may not post on deviantART! Woo! An exclusive.
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For every month of donation: Previous award, plus one sketch of yourself or a character you would like every month (bust up). This is a great way to receive art from me on a regular basis and to see my art improve.
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For every month of donation: Previous award(s) and access to Patreon only commissions. In addition, you will receive chibi sketch every month. Also, you receive the chance to reserve commission slots before I publicize them to anyone.




What is Patreon?
This website is a wonderful form of crowd-funding. Instead of supporting only one project (like Kickstarter), you're supporting the individual themselves. Your funds go to a variety of projects. In my case, it goes into paying my current designer to create business cards and documents to get Sponsors for my art program. It can also help me look into creating an art book and an e-book full of tips. It's a website where your contributions go to support me!

What do I get for supporting you?
My gratitude for sure!There are tiers which you can select to contribute towards, they start from $1 up to $100!There is a wide range of rewards from emails with tips on how to be a successful artist/gain exposure, exclusive live stream events (where you watch me draw and interact with me), custom sketches, full drawings and more! Check out the tiers to see the rewards!

Thank you to my current Patreon(s)!

I'm Jade or Mzzazn and I'm a happy-go-lucky person you may have encountered in person or on websites such as: deviantART, Twitter, Tumblr, FurAffinity, or Facebook. Perhaps you have discovered me through my personal website!

I have big goals that I want to share with you, but first, let me give you a quick look at who I am! :)

I draw for a living right now. A little over a year ago, I quit a retail consulting job (which taught me so much) that I had for almost five years. I figured, that's not what I want to do for the rest of my life and it was holding me back. I wanted to see the world - yet I had to be smart and try to make an income. That's how I decided I'd hone my skills as a digital artist and work from anywhere that has an internet connection. I am now happily comfortable with teaching myself how to use Paint Tool SAI and Photoshop together to bring my drawings to life.

Here's a sneak peek at the anime styled work I do:

I'm a person who sets goals and I work my hardest to achieve them. I also have an interest in business, advertising, and marketing - although I never went to school for business. I have a love for art, crafts, reading, and writing. I decided to combine all of this to help launch my art profession, and my personal website.

My dream is to bring people together through art-- all because I love both people and art so much. I hope to achieve this through connecting my supporters with one another and also encouraging collaborations! I'd also love to travel around the world and get to know other cultures - and touch people's lives, even if it's only with a simple smile. I want to help those in need and just make the world a better place. To the left is an image from when I was in Nairobi volunteering in the baby department. 
I also would absolutely love to teach English to those who struggle with it. Even if there's a language barrier, I want to try to break it down through fun games where I "act out" scenes and through my drawings (example, drawing different forms of transportation and pointing to it while pronouncing the word so those listening would learn a new English word). 

A little bit more about me as a person.. I love food so much! I also like watching movies (not scary ones though, nope!), hunting for deals (this is how I travel so much), reading, learning, writing, and I love spending time with people (especially kiddos)! In addition, I like to cook, listen to music (especially live music), and make art and craft projects. I also really love to interact with my watchers (people who follow me on deviantART) and supporters - actually, one of them mentioned Patreon to me and urged me to create a profile so here I am! 

Frequently asked questions:

Do I have to contribute in USD and can I stop my payment at any time?
No, you can contribute at any currency. You can adjust your contribution at any time. You can lower it, add more to it, or stop it completely without any problems. Remember, Paypal is accepted too! 

I don't have much, but I want to contribute!
It's okay! Any contribution truly helps! I mean it! I will be accepting contributions of $1 USD and up! :)

How will you update us? 
I will update you through news here as well as Facebook! I will try to update through my website as well as my twitter account as well! Trust me, you won't be out of the loop - I like to socialize online as much as I do in person ;)

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This amount helps pay for the software I use every month to create/enhance my art work (Adobe Photoshop CC which is $20/month at a student discount) and it pays for my domain for the next couple of years. The other rest helps pay for food for the month. Anything I don't spend in this category goes towards a savings account which is spent for supplying food when I travel
*Milestone achievement: I will create one YT video a month with a voice over for one of my drawing progresses. It will pretty thorough.
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