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- a shoutout at the end of our YouTube videos that you help support :) 

- access to songs and videos before they get released

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  Submit your idea's for a future episode!  If we use it, you'll get your name listed in the credits of that episode!
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About N2 Cat Crew


- Watch our YouTube videos 2 days before they get released
- Season 1-4 and every video ever made for digital download in original quality
- New songs before any one else gets to hear them 
- Autographed pics of me, Bo, Kona and N2


Welcome friends, family, and felines alike!

I’m VersaBC, creator of the YouTube channel, N2 Cat Crew! Here on Patreon, we’re asking for your help in supporting our channel, so we can keep releasing content regularly, and do bigger, more exciting things.

How does it work?

Patreon allows you to help fund our channel on a recurring basis by pledging a dollar amount of your choice each month. Your funds go toward making our channel better, costs for making the videos, and to help us be able to do things like hire on more people and simply keep our show going (check out our milestones).

You can set a monthly cap, and adjust your pledge whenever you need to. This is completely optional, and I appreciate any support you can offer!

What do you get out of it?

We offer rewards such as:

- shoutouts on our FBLive and Periscope broadcasts
- helping us write an episode
- sharing your pets pic or video on our social media pages
- Finally, you could be named at the end of a video as an official show sponsor and get your very own FaceTime or Skype chat with Kona and Bo  

You can read through all those rewards below and it's time to get pumped because we'll be adding more and more Patreon Rewards as we continue this journey together

I LOVE YOU ALL SOOOOOO MUCH!!!  Thank you so much for your support!
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We will be able to keep uploading regular episodes and music videos on YouTube.
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