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Hello Everyone How Are You My Name Is Nacio Fontes Im A YouTuber I Make Videos Mostly Video Games And So This is a gaming channel also try to Live Stream Like Horror,Fun.Rage.Fan Made And More and I also call try to call bull on ass holes . I love making videos and editing them for loyal subs and people and getting a chance to talk with a community, being able to get people to laugh get them throw there good and bad days like drugs but not, if you think im a worthy channel to watch and sub to please feel free to watch some of my content and share with your family, friends ,dogs , neighbors , bunnies, and goats!!!!!, this is my first time on this site so I have no clue what im doing on here 

With Your Support I Will Be Able To Make Better Content Im Trying To Do This With Little To No Money But With Help That Will Be Here Sooner ! It Will Be In Reach Because Of You The Viewer And Just Like Every One Else Trying To Provide And Put Food On The Table I Have To Pay My Rent Don't Get Me Wrong I love Making Content For Those That Will Like It As Well
Id Love To Get Your Feed Back and Questions I Rarely Get Comments On My YouTube Channel But When I Do I Respond To Them As Soon AS Possible.
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