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A Quick Explanation:

I am thrilled to be a part of this platform. I love the concept and believe that Patreon is the future for independent artists and content creators alike. Patreon supports artists like myself and gives us a way to connect on a VERY important/personal level. It's taking away that factor of, "How much am I going to make this month?" and allows us to take risks and improve our portfolio! If you're considering giving me a dollar (or however you much you like) per project that I devise or part-take in, I promise to bring you nothing but the absolute best production and effort that I can. If you choose to give, you are now a part of my production family!

Everyone who pledges will be rewarded with exclusive access to different levels of my rewards program.
Please keep reading to see all the REWARDS for your support!

Feel free to pledge as much or as little as you feel comfortable. Please don't give if you're low on money; I don't want you to feel like you HAVE to give. I will continue to bring quality content regardless of how much I see per project, the amount will just determine the quality and tools I can access. Please understand that ALL of your donations will be going towards creating the best content possible and/or finding and transporting undiscovered talent from around the world to our studio! I will be 100% transparent and will give you full update as to how your money is being spent.

$5 of $200 per Per Piece Of Work
When I reach $1000, I will be able to purchase a new camera. It will greatly improve the quality of my videos and will greatly increase my production rate.
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