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PT X 1995 X IllustrationPhotography and Art Direction

Thank you to everyone who chooses to support my artwork. My dream is to one day have an attic studio, and a happy, fulfilled life - every penny counts - and everyone who supports me is making it possible, for that, a million thank you's




CONTENT: High. Res. Files / Exclusive Sketches / Process / Tutorials / Stock Photos

 Occasional and priced :EXPLICIT CONTENT
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All Help Needed
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You get access to high resolution files (art and photos) and a kiss on the cheek for being extra! This tier is a symbolic amount of love, support and cash that you can give to yours truly, and help a lot more than you can imagine. 
Show Me (18+)
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Show Me gives you access to 18+ Content of a selected purchase, it includes: high resolution version of illust, wips, references (if available) and most importantly BOOTY!
The Process Lovers
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As a Process Lover you get access to high resolution files, all the wips I can manage in a file, speedpaints (if available) and a written tutorial! 
My Fair View (18+)
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This category grants you all the perks above in the file you purchase ( high res. files / wips / speedpaints ) + access to 18+ Content in either a collection of sketches, or a zine. 
$0 of $2,500 per Artwork
I can finally have kids. 
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