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Do you enjoy games and gaming videos?
Do you love retro games and indie?
Do you just want to have fun with crazy me?
Then this is a right place for you!

1). I always finish game I started. Might take time but if game interest me even a slightly bit I will definately finish it because I myself hate when I watch someone's letsplay and this person decide to end just few hours before game's ending. This won't happen here.

2) I will try to play as much types/genres as possible because I don't want to be stuck with repetivness or just got bored by certain type of games. From retro to indies to triple A games, I'm not afraid to play anything. So I will chose games regarded on their types and genres.

3) I won't be playing silly games/one-offs to just fill a place or day. I might chose one day for experimental/weird/silly/whatever games but I will never try to put them in my main letsplay days.

4) My own taste is important. I will ask for recommendations or people will have chance to participate in polls but I will never play game I know I won't like. I don't want to be forced to play something. So it might happen that even if you will ask me thousands times to play something I won't be doing that.
$0 of $100 per month
Once I will reach this goal I would be able to buy more interesting games per month. One game every month will be decided by patreons which will lead to its letsplay series.

There could be some exceptions limited by my laptop specs.
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