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I shoot and blog a lot. For the amount of stuff I produce, I've been called "bat-shit" crazy more times than I can count and sometimes, when I'm doing it because I don't know how else to go from one day to the next, I wonder if I should just stop. Doing this only for brands and products is not something I'm keen on in the long run - not everything is about "selling". Some blog posts are, of course, and there will always be those - because sometimes that is the only way to gain access to an arena that is otherwise inaccessible, which then helps me gain access to stuff that even money can't buy and then I can do stories about stuff like the Indian Women's Hockey Team and #MadeInIndia. The videos I do on my YouTube channel are also something of a personal project, where I talk about the blogging and photography industry in India, how I started, how I work etc. If you'd found that helpful, please consider becoming a patron!

Most times, there are things I'd like to photograph and blog about that brands would never touch - not in my lifetime at least. And the expenses add up. Commute / travel, time / opportunity costs, the time it takes to edit the photos and the time it takes to write about the story. So many times I've wanted to write in detail about something but there's just not enough time because I need to get to another story, which might be a paid client gig. Please donate even the smallest amount - it makes a lot of difference!
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