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About Nakari Amane

Dreamsland Lyrics
Hello readers. I'm Nakari Amane from Dreamsland Lyrics. I have been doing lyrics translation for Anisong and J-Pop since 2013 and I can proudly admit that doing translation is my most favorite hobby now. I love any Japanese related things especially music and I have pledged to spend my money for Aimer XD (I'm collecting her original masterpieces to support her!!). I have passed JLPT N1 (the highest level of Japanese Test) so I have no doubt about my Japanese.

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  • [Official Lyrics] Romaji Request: $2/song (Rp.25.000 for Indonesian)
  • [Ear-copied Lyrics] Romaji Request: $3/song (Rp. 35.000 for Indonesian)
  • [Official Lyrics only] Translation Request: $6/song (Rp.50.000 for Indonesian)
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Important Notes
I'm an Indonesian and you may find my English is a bit unnatural. For any requested songs, I'll make sure no grammars error because I'll ask an English expert to double-check my translations. All transliterated and translated song will be published on my web. I also accept translation request other than song lyrics, kindly check here for more details.
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Thank you for all your support!!
Any little support will become a source of motivation for me to keep updating this blog and improving my translation (especially for Aimer lyrics).If you enjoy my content, please consider supporting what I do. Thank you so much readers, and have a nice day.

Nakari Amane
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