is creating techs tools optimized to build efficiently
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2D plans for CEB Machine THP-ATM120
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2D plan for laser cut or 2D milling, to make major parts of Compressed Bricks Machine THP-ATM120 .  (3D-STEP, 2D-DXF, 2D-PDF)

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About nalstudiodesign


Hello, thanks to be here! Wellcome to nal studio-design universe.

nal.studiodesign is creating technological tools optimized to build efficiently
we are about to make a smart builders community ...

i am nal, a young and experienced architect, with a great interest for the optimization of the manufacturing tools of builders. particularly construction machinery and technologies, and especially again compressed bricks construction technologies ...

The purpose of the work presented here is all about provide a better, affordable and smart tools and equipment for :

- compressed brick building technologies...
- cabinet making and precision carpentry...
- 3D printing of decorative objects, and useful objects... like sanitary appliances ... in 3D ceramics

and there we have:

-Smart Compressed Brick making machines
-Optimal-tech cnc = hight performance Low-techs cnc
-Optimal-tech 3D-printers = hight performance Low-techs 3D printers
-Smart furnitures

All specifically designed to significantly improve the construction processes of our homes, buildings, viaducts and bridges, sidewalks and roads ...

OPTIMAL BUILDING SOLUTIONS = Comprehensive building technology solutions, designed to be implemented anywhere on the planet with minimal external resources ...
(for) Create / Install fully autonomous production sites.

To participate to the groowing of this Smart Building Community you have tree ways to support nal.studiodesign creations : 

1- with a monthly pledge. There are different rewards available, pick the one that suits you the most!
2- by buying exclusive items that nal.studiodesign creates
3- pre-order the new machines and productions tools which will be regularly put in pre-sale here

All reward levels include early access to all Optimal Building Solutions new projects and access to nal.studiodesign Patreon feed.
As part of nal.studiodesign commitment to the maker community, all the designs and projects will be shared with everyone under a Creative Commons license.

With your support, I will be able to develop more projects and share my experience.

Thank you!

Thank you very much for checking out nal.studiodesign Patreon page. I really appreciate your support!

You can also find nal.studiodesign here:
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nal-studiodesign solicits your help to make the operational prototypes of two of the main production machines of the "OPTIMAL BUILDING SOLUTION" construction technology. it is :

1) - The large format cnc machine NAL-CNC63W
( Performance platform-cnc )

2) - The Compressed Bricks Machine THP-ARK240 
( new type of compressed bricks machine )

With the sums requested, the realization of the operational prototypes of these two equipments will be available in videos on youtube.
And above all, the development of these two prototypes will make these machines more financially accessible to the communities that need them most, because this last prototypical phase will also reduce the cost of manufacturing each of the two machines to production values less than ;
- 7500€ for the CNC platform NAL-CNC63W, and
- 5500€ for Compressed Bricks Machine: THP-ARK240

Thank you in advance for your contribution to the emergence of these production tools, for better constructions and more accessible construction to all the populations ...
You contribute to build a world where it makes better live ...

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