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Hello family, friends, and visitors...

Welcome to my patreon page where I will be sharing my analog and slow life! I hope that by becoming a patron or donor, you will find some inspiration in my posts, photos, video tutorials, and even from my slow life.

My practices include gratitude, loving-kindness, and compassion. I am also a minimalist and my ikigai is to make art and share it to those who are interested, and I also believe in doing or starting small. I try to incorporate all of these practices in my art pieces and tutorials.

Lastly, I will be honest and be transparent with you all... I am not a chatty person because I always release myself when making art, so... you will not hear me talking in my videos because I am more into emphasizing the process. But my tutorials will always have step by step captions and descriptions and rest assured I am easy to reach out if you have questions. And if you prefer lessons that has voice overs, then mine may not be the one you are looking for. 😐😞😢

Tutorials will include:
  • simple memory keeping that won't take as much of your time (15-20 minutes a day)
  • collage art 
  • art journaling
  • mail art
  • junk journaling
  • gratitude journaling
  • flip throughs on previous journals
  • and more art projects

I will also share some of my personal stories, lifted from my past journals. You will also get an early access to my public youtube posts.

And when I have enough patrons, I will buy me a decent video camera and editing tool. 😜
So, for those who want to be a patron or donate any amount that you can, thank you in advance.
May we all be well.
And may we all be happy creative souls.

You can also find me at:
This page is always a work in progress, so please be patient with me and the many changes. 😊

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 3 exclusive posts
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