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Denali's tier
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Thank you, even 1$ helps out!

With this tier you get:

- One FREE line art each month!

- Access to wips

- Early access to art that won't be posted anywhere else in at least 48hrs

- Access to patreon streams

- Early access to ychs and adopts with a discounted price

- Patreon role in my discord server 

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Primrose's tier
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With this tier you get: 

- All of the above 

- You'll get to see my studies 

- Progress gifs

- A bust doodle (uncolored) each month!

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With this tier you get: 

- All of the above except art reward

- Access to .pdf files of selected art works 

- Early notifications on commission openings

- A colored bust doodle each month

- 5% off on all commissions you order from me

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About Nameless Coyote

Hallo and welcome to my patreon!
Here I'll post:
- wips
- post art earlier before everywhere else
- progress gifs 
- Early info about commissions and ych's 

All support is greatly appreciated <3

Payment is taken up front, however if you get a reward for the first pledge or not depends on when you pledge! Feel free to ask me about this if you rather wanna wait till you're sure to get a reward for the first pledge.

You'll have to CLAIM your reward. I send out a message to all patreons and you can contact me wherever to claim your reward by sending me your ref and prefered xpression / pose. If you haven't contacted me before the end of the month you lose your reward! If you contact me after the 20th each month, your reward will be done with next months rewards. 
$162 of $400 per month
This would cover rent!
If I somehow manage to reach this goal I'd be forever grateful! 

If we reach this goal I'll make stickers to ship to patreons each month! (pay for shipping)
(This reward might change, not 100% sure yet, hmu with ideas if you have any!)
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