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About Team Tiger Mochi

Team Tiger Mochi is a small group of game developers working on our first big project! And that project is:

We're making a game that shows you what it's like to hit the clubs in Japan, trying to pick up women while battling against time, social conventions, common decency, and the occasional bouncer. Packed full of actual locations in Osaka, Japan, this game is a comedic cultural experience unlike any other.

  • Leave your apartment to explore different bars and clubs around Osaka, Japan.
  • Meet a plethora of interesting NPC's and listen to their unique takes on nightlife
  • Get verbally annihilated by women as you use your fledgling skills to capture their interest
  • Listen to an original soundtrack comprised of club music, chiptunes, and rap
  • Stay afloat in the sea of drinks you use to drown your sorrows
  • Heck, even enjoy a trip to a festival in Kyoto, the cultural heart of Japan

We thank all of you who want to help us in our quest to make this awesome game even better.
Enjoy the night everyone, and good luck out there!
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