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is creating Ferret art, Folk Art, and LGBT things
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About Nan Nitecka

Hey there!

I'm Nannah, a 29-year-old disabled & intersex lesbian who loves fantasy, folk art, and ferrets. Welcome to my Patreon page!

How does Patreon work?
Patreon allows you to support artists like me in exchange for super awesome rewards you can't get anywhere else!
  • sketches
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  • free coloring pages
  • previews of upcoming projects and finished pieces
  • hi-res versions of everything and anything
  • free requests
Your payment (pledge) is charged during the first week of every month. You can cancel it at any time!

Please contact me at NeddieDavid at gmail with any questions. :)

Who I Am:
I'm a Góral-American artist in Minnesota who only does traditional art. Being disabled and unable to work, art is how I get any income at all. 
$9 of $300 per month
This year (2019), medicare isn't going to cover a lot of my meds anymore. D: 

Each month (yes, each month wTF), all my meds cost over $300. I don't qualify for any manufacturer coupons (since I'm on medicare :/) or goodrx coupons, and I can't keep this up. I really need help. So this should make a good goal, rip.
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