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is creating an immersive world through illustrations & storytelling.
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About Naomi VanDoren

Welcome, traveler.
Sit, rest, and let me tell you a story.

Hi. I'm Naomi VanDoren and for the past 4 years, I have been developing a world through paintings and unpublished stories. As I explore I have caught fleeting glimpses of an immersive world that is far larger than I had originally intended. Characters have emerged from a lush tropical background; wild creatures are here and a powerful force of magic has begun to reveal itself.

I want to invite you to be a part of this process.

Current Projects

The Foxdragon World (Main Project)
This project is what sparked the idea to create a Patreon. I am creating 3 illustrated young adult novels. The first finished book will be self-published through Kickstarter at a point later this year. This process so far has called for a huge amount of growth as I fill in more gaps in my artistic skills as I reach for a new level of work.

(Current Progress)
Right now I am excited to share that the writing is done for Book 1 of the series. I am in the late editing stages and currently working through the book with my beta readers and a professional editor. Books 2 and 3 are being outlined and drafted.

As far as illustrations go I am developing thumbnails and sketches for the 100+ illustrations. I am also working on the various character and environment concepts for the different areas of the world and developing a stronger illustration style that I plan to use in the book.

Even More Monthly Artwork
In addition to my main book project, I am continually creating artwork for online galleries like Every Day Original as well as participating in online art challenges and more.

Documenting Artistic Growth
It is my ambition to never stop learning. In my pursuit of knowledge, I am continuing to study and learn new ways of working. I am documenting this process and insights into my business through videos uploaded to YouTube.

For the past year, I've been creating videos that share more about my process and the business behind the work I do as an artist. Your patronage will allow me to continue to document this journey and share it with you.
• • •

Why Patreon?

Join me on this grand world-building adventure! Your patronage will ensure that I can continue focusing my time and energy on pursuing new personal work.

I am here to build a community, to share insights into my process and on-going projects and I believe Patreon is the perfect platform to do so. I cannot wait to share more with you as this develops!
• • •
I am so excited to have you here!
Thank you so much for supporting my work!
99% complete
At this level of interest, I will be able to dedicate more time and add an exclusive monthly Q&A video podcast session just for Patrons!
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