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Hello! My name is Naomi ( or nononsensei). I'm an art school graduate looking for ways to improve my skills, but I've got no time to do that TuT. I love drawing and coloring; especially anime characters! I tend to have a habit of converting 3D characters into 2D cause I find it fascinating, challenging, and really fun! The reason I'm on Patreon is because my biggest dream is to one day create my own anime; so I spent 4 years in art school to obtain a Bachelor's Degree in Media Arts and Animation (Yes, I can animate) and all I needed was to get a job of similar interest. I received one promising job offer relating to my degree, but I needed a car which I did not possess at the time so I work part-time as a free-lancer. If you could support me monthly and help me reach my Patreon goals, I can glue myself to my desk and keep drawing and you'll receive great rewards for cheaps (it's a win-win)! Thank You!

Because we're in the early stages of patreon goals I will have to do outside sourcing such as free-lancing to individual projects for funding, so I won't be able to fully dedicate my time to patreon at this time. However if we reach the "full-time artist goal" I'll be able to fully dedicate my time to Patreon without free-lancing to others!

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