Naomi Nowak

is creating visionary paintings, ethical fashion and silver jewels.
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About Naomi Nowak

Dear friends,

welcome to this new venture of mine and thankyou for reading these words.

I’m a painter and I also own and operate my own radically sustainable fashion & jewellery brand. I make everything by hand using recycled textiles only which makes Naomi Nowak clothing one of the most progressive and earth friendly fashion options out there. Read about my methods and policy in depth here.

My aim is to give patrons the behind-the-scenes version of everything I do as an artist -- you'll see more of my studio, my supplies, sewing machines, creating jewellery and more! I'm a bit of recluse and private person by nature but it's becoming clear to me that with the current state of the world community and sharing is more important than ever. I'm convinced it will be amazing and allow me to develop as an artist and activist and become person who can give back more and more.

So this page is a step towards pursuing my soul cause which is contributing to a caring, connected and sustainable community of human beings who listen to one another and take care of mother earth. I believe that halting consumerism and the alienation it brings is a very important part of this process and hope to make this idea as popular as vegetarianism and veganism because it's just as important to the planet.

In the spirit of honesty and openness — I’ve been earning way below minimum wage ever since i’ve been a full time creative, which is many years now. I make art, garments and jewels that go out to people all over the world. But because everything is personally and ethically handmade production is small and it’s very difficult to reach an income level that bears any resemblance to what most people consider reasonable. Even when sales are good. A monthly income from patreon would enable me invest a little bit in my art and my brand, something I have never been able to afford!

Your voice will be just as important no matter your monetary contribution (if any) and I will not be putting pay walls on my content with the exception of occasional posts that have a more personal nature. I'm not here to make you pay for stuff, I'm here hoping to build something, share art and ideas. If you are able to contribute financially and would like to do so that is completely amazing and I'm beyond words grateful. But you don't have to in order to be part of this and I am very sympathetic to the fact that not everyone can ♥ Contributing any amount is huge and warmly appreciated no matter the number.

"Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come."
Victor Hugo 

Yes, monsieur. And I truly believe the time has come for this idea -- downshift, emphasis on art and softer values (love!!!), away from opinions and divisiveness and onto visions and togetherness. Thankyou.
$292 of $300 per month
Sharing the love. When this goal is reached, I'm going to start tithing my patreon earnings. 10% will go directly to a charity or cause chosen together by me and my supporters. Suggestions would include: organisations that combat human trafficking, work with forest and animal habitat preservation, champion the rights of garment workers... The list is long. 
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