Natalie Patterson

is creating poetry, videos, live recordings and other magic
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About Natalie Patterson

At my core, I am an artist, a thinker, a maker, a doer! I am currently creating through poetry. I spend my life living, to be able to deconstruct experiences and translate them into a tangible understanding of life's most complex experiences. I create poetry, workshops, keynotes, and experiential's.

I decided to create a page because I wanted to give my community a tangible way to support me. Every month you can support my art and that is HUGE for me. This platform gives me the ability to keep creating knowing there is a community not only supporting work when it comes out but supporting it having the possibility of being made. 
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1. The release of my newest collection of poetry "Arrival: a return" which is a chapbook and digital audio recording.
2. A sound installation in a gallery space. 
3. Feel me: an art installation using poetry to explore discrimination around people with disabilities. 
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