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About Natalie Michelle Watson

If you like fun stuff, you're in the right place, baby!
Welcome to my Patreon page. It's lovely to have you here indeed!

You've seen them on your best friend, your cousin, your nephew, and your grandma, now get ready to stick a Tiny Tatt straight on your own skin!

What's in it for you:
•Cool information about how you can also become Natalie Michelle Watson
•Shoutouts on my Instagram story that WILL give you exxxtra clout and street cred
•Maybe some pictures of my cat
•All for the low, low price of ten whole American buckaroons, baby! Cha-ching!

But what exactly are Tiny Tatts, you ask?
I have a gumball machine that spits them out at events, but seeing as they've been so incredibly popular, I started selling them in small Mystery Packs of five. But I have a special deal here for you, dear Patron, and that is a CUSTOM THEMeD pack every month, that won't be available on my online store! Talk about EXCLUSIVITY! And yes, you CAN suggest the monthly theme and it MAY just get made!

Wowee! Look at these cool examples of some actual humans wearing TINY TATTS!

Here's how to apply them to your own self:

It's time to have the most fun ever with my cute lil temp tatts that may or may not make you look like you just got outta the BIG HAUS.

Not quite ready to party like it's 1999? Order a regular MYSTERY PACK of FIVE here from my online store to get a taste of a life that's at least 20% more fun*

*fun guaranteed

Thank you, God bless, and stay fancy,
Natalie Michelle Watson xox
1 of 10 patrons
When we get to 10 Patrons I will make an animated title sequence and end cards to use for my YouTube videos. This means more fun videos for you!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 8 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 8 exclusive posts
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