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About N8Beats ( Nate Beats )


My name is Nathen Aaren, and I’m a motivational music artist.


TV SERIES: I'm producing a Music Album & an online TV Series called "Live Your Dream Life" that follows me from struggle to success as I work toward becoming a successful music artist & motivational speaker.

"My goal is to help everyone do what makes them happy."

here's a rough trailer of the tv show:
In the TV series you'll see:
• Me in the studio making music, growing my fanbase & following my dream, to become a famous music artist.
• Me creating Dream University, an online program to help people make their dreams come true.
Here's an example trailer of the TV Series:

"The TV show follows my journey to becoming a well known singer."

Nathen's Music:
Here's an example of my music:

The above video best explains my music, and my purpose for moving away from 17 years of working with record labels and corporate companies, and releasing my own music.

"After 17 years of working with record labels and representing other artists, I'm finally releasing my own music as a singer & producer."

Motivational Videos:

I'll be releasing members only motivational content like this video, below:

Dream University is an online course that helps people figure out what makes them happy, and how to earn a living doing it.
To find your passion, and profit from it.


"The online program helps people do what makes them happy for a living."


Because I have so many beautiful, talented friends, but they're not making a living off what makes them happy.

“Have you heard of the guy who’s Documenting his life and becoming a music artist?”


• I've been a music producer for the last 16 years.
• I've done music with Grammy Award Winning Artists & Fortune 500 companies
• I've helped other musicians get record deals and investments ($40k to $1.4m)
• The amazing people in my life keep begging me to put out my own music
• I've finally grown the balls to do it.
• I will be the first self development music artist.



• MONTHLY SONGS: I will release 1 new SONG & VIDEO per MONTH
• WEEKLY VIDEOS: I will release 1 non-music VIDEO per WEEK.
• HOW TO BE HAPPY VIDEOS: Weekly thoughts on how to improve the quality of your life, laugh more and be happy.
***More bonuses on this page :-)***

$0 of $2,000 per month
Completely funded! Can make music full-time! Will focus no less than 40 hours per week on my music and "Dream University" program.
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