is creating webtoon and digital art
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consistently confused but still trying to do something good

-consist of sketches and

-sometimes full coloured drawing

-very random

per month

Persistently trying and eventually you'll get there!

((a better sketch and my drawings, hopefully it looks really good!))

-one or more complete art for each month

-wallpaper for Hopeless

-png and jpg file sent by email or any platform you'd like


per month

Never give up!!

((if you want to see me struggle as I make Hopeless webtoon, filled with procrastination and spoilers))

-more Jpeg files!!

-more wallpapers!!

-spoilers on Hopeless, if you want?

p.s be prepared for my trashiest moment!

anyway THANK YOU so much for choosing this tier!!



About natshu_wakatsu

hey there! thank you for stopping by. my name is shu, a webtoon artist for Hopeless! ^^
nice to meet you!

I don't know how to satisfy your artsy needs.. (guilty) since I don't draw much of fanarts or etc. I usually draw my OC's or anything that peeks my interest.

But feel free to follow me and see my artsy world?! ^^

Thank You

Best regards,

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