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Natural 20 started because 1) I needed a way to launder money from my deep web gambling website, and 2) the moments and characters from my own D&D experience are the perfect fodder for good comedy. If you are a donor at ANY level, feel free to send us your stories from your own D&D adventures and we will consider using them as the plot line in an episode (you'll be credited, of course).
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Jack Delaney – DM Rob and Creator of Natural 20, will legally change his name to Giblets. That is all. (NOTE: several prominent and high profile business leaders, celebrities, tech entrepreneurs, and foreign heads of state have already tried to donate the 200,000 then withdraw support before they're billed for it (I'm looking at you Goodluck Jonathan). If you choose this option the payment MUST GO THROUGH AT LEAST ONCE before the official name change is made)




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About Jack Delaney

What in God's name is Natural 20?
Exploring the dynamics between Dungeon Master, players, and the rules that define imaginary realms, Natural 20 is a comedy web series about a group of friends who make the worst decisions possible in a game of infinite possibilities.

Why are we begging for internet dollars?
When our young, naïve selves of last year started this campaign, we just wanted to finish season one of Natural 20. To our continued shock and awe, the web series won’t die, no matter how much money we squander on painfully obvious, mid-nineties CGI effects.

Now, with support from The Escapist, we’re able to continue to create episodes of Natural 20 for you to enjoy! Unfortunately, their support only goes so far, and I’m finding it harder and harder to rob local pharmacies in what newspapers are calling “The Baffling Case of the Lipitor Bandit”.

Look, here's the skinny: we've got enough funds to make Natural 20 episodes, and it's always going to get put online to be viewed for free. We are painfully grateful that you would watch the show.

But. Many of the people who work to make it (myself included) do so entirely unpaid, which means, essentially, it's unsustainable. By the end of our current contract, I will have written 150 pages of Natural 20. Both of the producers put in hours of scheduling with flakey people like me, filing paperwork with cutthroat and painfully attractive actor unions, and perform many jobs that, by rights, shouldn't be theirs. Yet we put in this effort because we love D&D;, and if you would like to support the creation of quality entertainment then please consider sponsoring the show. Every dollar increases the quality of the material, and makes the enormous effort it takes to bring this to the small screen that much easier.

What creatures have birthed this monstrosity?
Jack Delaney is a comedy writer who lives in Los Angeles, and sounds like a walking cliche. He created  after he was trapped in his apartment during a heat wave, which forced him to live in an impromptu sweat lodge. He woke up after eight days with six pounds of written notes, which has been turned into the web series Natural 20.

The cast includes the very talented Lauren Shippen (According to Tumblr, Soul Seekers) as Alara, David Gironda Jr. (New Girl, The Whisperlights) as Tyrell, Alex Salem (Grey's Anatomy, My Crazy Ex) as Garren, Erika Ishii (Geek 360, Full House) as Garmungus and Jack Delaney as DM Rob.

What do all the dollars go?
  • Cast (16%): Our talented cast, union fees, etc.
  • Crew (39%): Our amazing crew (Director, Producers, Cinematographer, Gaffer, Hair & Make up Artists, Sound Recordist, Assistants, etc.)
  • Production (25%): Rental of lights and camera/sound equipment, location and union fees, props, wardrobe, set construction, meals, etc.
  • Post-Production (15%): Editing, Hard drives, Audio Mixing, Score, Color Correcting, etc
  • Just in Case (5%): Budgets are always estimates, so it's good to have some padding.
  • Goals
    $53 of $500 per Episode
    You read that right.
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