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Just a way to support the channel.  I totally appreciate it and it will help fund the gear and adventures.

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I will donate my labor to build a piece of gear like a hammock, tarp or quilts.  You provide the materials.

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About Nature Calls

I have a real passion for backpacking and bringing the outdoors to everyone. I love to dive deep into the equipment I use and will make most of the equipment I use. I feel very strongly that to express my opinion on something I need to understand it as much in depth as I can.  I search out knowledgeable mentors to gain that insight that is not so apparent. 

Combining other aspects like bushcrafting and DIY to help everyone understand more what is below the surface.  One thing that I don't like is the abundance of creators who really don't use the equipment then turn around and do reviews or give an opinion and don't really put it to the test.

I need help mainly with material costs for the projects, and the camera equipment I use. I don't use it for anything else really. And unfortunately sometimes the equipment breaks and I need to replace it.

I am also involved in a charity to give equipment and knowledge to our youth and have many videos on that organization on my channel. 

Giving and sharing knowledge, and encouraging and supporting others is what makes me feel fulfilled.

I appreciate your support,
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