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Hello! My name is Calley Nye and I’m the founder of Naughty Gits - a clothing line I’ve designed specifically for women in STEM. To be honest, we sell men’s clothing too, and children’s, but the real goal is to focus on helping women in tech. Here’s the thing, the “tech wardrobe” of today often consists of jeans, t-shirts, and hoodies. Ugh. And if you step outside that, you might risk losing some “geek cred” or calling some unwanted attention to yourself at the open floor plan you call work. I want to fuck that shit up. Or at least add options for women by providing clothes that they feel good in, while manifesting a new type of geek cred of the feminine variety.

Check out Naughty Gits and all of our current products! Click here.

My Story

Here’s my story. One day I found myself staring at at minified JS file. I thought to myself “you’re so pretty, I wish everyone could see you”. I looked down at my legs. Lightbulb. “People like to look at legs.” This same thing happened over and over. But I’m a developer, I don’t know anything about designing clothes. Plus I have always had a love-hate relationship with fashion. I love it, it hates me. Throughout my life clothes have never really felt right, neither for my personal style nor my body type. So for years I shopped at Old Navy and called it a day. This approached worked fine for the startups that I worked for, as my career progressed.

When I co-founded a company recently, I realized that you can just “make things” (I know, what a concept). So I did. I wanted JS leggings. I made JS leggings. And other things too. At first it was all print-on-demand goods, which were fairly easy to get off the ground. But as I began producing more and more pieces, the vision of what this might become started to really materialize. Let’s imagine a girl in high school who really digs technology. She reads sci-fi, sits in the front of class, and spends her nights in front of her computer/smartphone/tablet. She might be made fun of, considered a nerd, and laughed at.

But what we in the development community know that she and her classmates might not know is that tech is fucking cool. Imagine that same world, but all the cool girls are wearing JS leggings. Their instagramming photos of themselves in smash(patriarchy) t-shirts. They’re owning it. Tech is cool. How might that change this girl’s life and impact her future?

Why Become a Patron

There is a lot of what I want to do that has proven to be more difficult. There is a lot of overhead to running a store, and a lot of times the profits don’t cover it all. I’ve become increasingly more and more frustrated in a lot of print-on-demand services and their lack of inclusive sizing. I’m a plus-sized woman, and I can’t even wear a lot of the clothing we sell. It’s bullshit. Yes, I can wear the leggings (thank God!), but almost none of the t-shirts fit right. I want to provide all the geeky gals out there (regardless of body type) lots of cool gifts to choose from & receive.

Where your money will go:

  • I’d like to engage with a new distributor that offers more flattering and inclusive sizes and styles. This requires more of an investment than the current set up.
  • There’s a lot of consistent overhead for running a store with inconsistent returns. With some steady income from patrons, it would lighten the load.
  • I’d like to partner with some talented designers to take the designs up a notch.
  • I’d like to upgrade the site and branding.
  • And I’d like to do all of this while securing a steady enough income that I can dedicate more of my time and donate a portion of all sales to a charity that helps girls get into STEM.

So to that regard, I’m asking folks to step up and help support my mission and my company. There’s so many bad ass, smart women out there, and with your help, I can make sure that they know it. That they can feel like they belong in the industry they’ve dedicated themselves to. And ensure that the next generation has even more opportunities. Please support women in STEM and Naughty Gits.

I love you all!

- Calley :)
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This will pretty much cover most of the store's expenses. It will allow me to reinvest all product sales back into the products instead of into keeping it functioning.
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