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Things I do: 

  • Streaming (Dota 2 & Fitness).
  • Youtube (Streaming and Programming Tutorial Videos, Gaming and Fitness Videos).
  • Software Developer. My profession and my passion. I would like to have more time to make software and tools for streamers.
  • Real Estate Investor & Renovator.
  • Investing. Crypto and Stocks.
  • Modelling.
  • Increase online revenue so I can: (1) Reduce the amount of time I spend developing software. (2) Reduce the amount of I spend with the rental properties and renovations. (3) Increase the amount of time I can spend on Youtube, Dota, and Streaming.
  • Have 1/10th of my brothers sub count. Xwater.
  • Turn my stream into an incredibly healthy and productive part of my lifestyle.
  • Bench Press 405lbs and push my limits physically though my burnout sets on stream.
  • Get partnered on Youtube and improve my tutorial videos to be concise and informative. 
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