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Hello, my name is Apab'yan Tew Temoatzin. I am Maya Ki'che on my fathers side of my family. I am a spiritual guide and a leader in one of several historical lineages within our sacred dance or “Danza‟ tradition of Central Mexico. I am honored to walk the path that life and our ancestors have chosen for me. Walking on that path requires a lot of discipline, commitment, and the fulfillment of many ceremonial obligations. My students and I gather weekly around the sacred danza circle to fulfill the commitment to our ancestors. This ceremonial path takes us to many parts of Mexico, allowing us to attend ceremonies with other sacred Danza groups.
As I stated previously, it is a way of life that requires a huge commitment. While some people may consider me an expert, I live a very simple life. This project has its beginnings when my teacher and spiritual father, Fernando Flores Moncada, had a bad accident that prevented him from using his right arm and hand for a long time back in September 1979. He talked to me a few days later, when he left the hospital. I was 7 years old and I was his apprentice. “Will you do me a favor this afternoon?” he said with genuine concern. “Yes, with pleasure,” I replied. “I need to write an important story, I will dictate it and you can type it,” he said. I went home for my Olivetti typewriter. I bought blank sheets of paper, correction fluid, double ink ribbons, and reserved an afternoon for my teacher. It proved to be quite an immense evening for a child my age. My teacher continued, "History of the rituals and movements" he paused, "Within the circles of danza," he paused again, "…in the Mexica tradition up to this day," he paused again and stopped. I was a child who admired his teacher. Just hearing the title I knew that I couldn't resist not wanting to ask and learn as much as I could. I did all I could to have every afternoon free of a world in which I did not care for video games, novelties of that era, or any TV show, or anything of that sort. “Nothing but typing,” I thought, “That will be my interest!” He spoke slowly to me. As I learned to write faster and faster, he spoke faster. I grew up in a hurry and intellectually, after my teacher gave what he thought was necessary. My teacher felt that my new questions seemed to increase the page count tremendously. In 1982 we made a first revision of what I had typed. We ended up with about sixty pages and repetitions of all kinds throughout the work. We decided to start over, so I organized the work by topic and continued. The problem is that, I reached a point where free afternoons were no longer available as when I was a child. What did remain intact was the emotion and a total passion. The work ended in 1994 with a total of 1232 pages! I want to publish some of these materials and I need a little bit of help. I ask you to please consider the following statements carefully. There are no academic studies that actually talk about the voice of the members, the witnesses and, the architects, of the tradition of danza.

The Danza Azteca Chichimeca of today, was formerly known as the Brotherhood of the Holy Count. There are no proper publications, only oral history from “here‟ or from “there‟ among differing versions and fragmented visions in a smokescreen of confusion. There is nowhere to advance in such confusion!
I want to share with you my 35 years of research. I will only select information unmistakably beautiful and accurate, from the vast bank of information I have gathered.
The time is right time and I fell I have acquired the level of maturity to do this in the best way possible. I danced and wrote with and for my spiritual father during 27 years. I continued his research and now I have the honor to dictate and share the history of our Danza Azteca tradition.
I want to combine capabilities and possibilities. I want to help grow new seeds. I want to help plant and harvest the best selection possible!
Thank you for your time and support!

Yours in gratitude, Apab'yan Tew Temoatzin© 
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