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Hi! My name is Nazly, you may also know me as naziejoon or la feminista descolonial online. 

I'm a writer, violinist & yoga teacher who does a lot of emotional, intellectual & creative labor particularly online. Most of the labor I put out is unpaid, and all of it is severely underpaid. If my work speaks to you and brings value to your life, please consider becoming a monthly patron to sustain a creator who would like to continue doing work that they love.

Patreon works by supporting creators with a monthly contribution, you can give as little or as much as you like monthly to help keep me creating & cancel anytime.

What your patronage goes towards:
  • The creative, emotional & intellectual labor that is involved in writing, curation and social media engagement that I create
  • The value that I bring to social media
  • The use of my ideas, writing, and creative work in general
  • Supporting the work I do for La Feminista Descolonial and funding future projects
Thank you so much for your support! Any amount is greatly appreciated <3
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Achieving this level of support would help me continue to create quality content and free me up so I can stay active online and produce more writing. This level of support will also help give me a financial cushion to continue to expand upon my creative endeavors.
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