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About Harvey Banks

This podcast is proudly presented by Harvey Banks (myself) & Friends ( I've got a couple..). Any distribution or reproduction of this better be strictly for the culture.

Adam Silver probably does not approve of this message...(But he should, I sent an email..Ball is in his court).

Your contributions to the show will go towards production, and ensuring that we can continue to represent the NBA culture the right way.

This isn't an ESPN, Fox, or BleacherReport production (No disrespect.), this is us. For us, by us. Like FUBU..Minus the inexplicable '05 jersey numbers. 

Everyone that decides to become a patron of this show, becomes a part of this story..Whether you pledge $5 a month or $100 a month, you become a part of this thing..That means if I'm in your city I am entitled to crashing on the couch, last-minute meet-ups for coffee, attending the family BBQ, wedding, or Bat Mitzva (Mazel tov).

Basically all of the benefits of your favorite cousin who never quite got it together..
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You're in the building, and I appreciate that. We've got those T-shirt guns that shoot all the way to the balcony seats as well..But below is what admission gets ya..

- Access to NBA Culture Quick Run Episodes

- Access to the NBA Culture Private SnapChat

- Your name in drawing for Weekly Give-a-ways

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Appreciate you being a part of the culture..Below is what's included with your price of admission.

- Access to NBA Culture Quick Run Episodes

- Access to Private NBA Culture SnapChat

- Your name in drawing for Weekly Give-a-ways

- Shoutout on Twitter/Instagram

- NBA Culture Coffee Mug

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First of all- Thank you for purchasing lower-level tickets. As we all know, the closer you are to the action, the.....closer you are...to the action. I don't know, I was trying to say some dope shit, but here's what admission gets you.

- Access to NBA Culture Quick Run's

- Random NBA 2k Invites 

- Your name in drawing for Weekly Give-a-ways

- Access to Sneaker Raffles

- Access to private NBA Culture Snapchat

- Instagram Follow and Shout Out

- NBA Culture Coffee Mug

- Thank You & Shout Out On-air

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When we reach the 25 Patron mark, we will begin to record the show live on YouTube. Patrons will have access to the live broadcast, and probably be asked to take part! Thank you for all the support. Let's build, together!
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