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is creating Developer Tools, Raspberry Pi Projects, Mobile Apps, and Games

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I enjoy building web apps, mobile apps, games, puzzles, startups, and side projects. I like working with electronics, Arduinos, Raspberry Pis, and FPGAs. I really enjoy making crazy and weird projects that no-one else has done before. I built an internet-connected microwave that was controlled with a Raspberry Pi. This project was featured on TechCrunch, the Raspberry Pi blog, and the BBC.

I also really enjoy building developer tools that make life better for programmers. I created SCM Breeze, which has a lot of command-line shortcuts to speed up git (and I still use it every day.) I recently worked on making RuboCop faster, so that Ruby developers can enjoy fast linting and auto-formatting in their text editor. 

I maintain the iCloud Photos Downloader tool, which is a cross-platform way to back up your iCloud photos onto your own hard-drive. Lots of people have found this really useful, and many of them have bought me a coffee on

I really enjoy making games. I made SudoBlock and Boops Boops Swoops (they're not very good, but I had lots of fun.) I'm also an amateur music producer, but I'm not very good at that either. I'd like to practice these things and see if I can get better.

I built the FormAPI service, which helps programmers to fill out PDF forms. I also do some contract work as a web and mobile developer. I spent a few years working on a mobile app for skateboarders, but that didn't go anywhere. 

I would love to work on some more fun projects, like the Raspberry Pi microwave. I have a long list of ideas for electronics projects, games, and lots of other weird things that I've always wanted to build. Thanks for your support!
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