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About Tim Glover-Poultney

I'm Tim and I love weekly timed 5km runs, I also help organise weekly timed 2km runs for children.

In 2014 I built a tool for myself to help me find the my nearest runs with ease. Since then, with your help and support the tool has evolved and is now used by around 5000 people a month!

Since Google changed their billing model for their Maps service, I've had to switch off some features of tourist tool to prevent myself getting a big bill and in doing so I realised just how outdated and hard to maintain the code is now.

So, I've decided it's time to develop a new tool, nearest.run which will be just like tourist tool, but even better! The site will be always be free, but some features that cost me money will be limited to my subscribers and hopefully the funds from patreon willcover my bills.

Surplus funds will be donated to #parkrunforever.