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About Anthony Clark

Hello! My name is Anthony. You may know me from one of my many comics ventures: as the colorist on The Adventures of Dr. McNinja and, recently, Atomic Robo. You may have seen my comic Party Cat or something about Davis.
But you probably know me from my Beartato Comics, which I have written and drawn since 2006, or from BACK , a comic written by KC Green and drawn by me. Lately I've had to focus on other work to pay the bills, so updates have slowed. My readers don't like that, and neither do I! I would love to dedicate more time to writing and drawing my own comics, and that's where you come in. For a small pledge, you can help us reach goals that will let me bring you more and more comics (So far we've been able to update BACK with two pages a week for a the past three years, thanks to your help). Thank you!
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I'm going to strive to update as often as I can no matter what, but at this level I'll be able to turn down some other work and dedicate enough time to the comic to guarantee at least weekly updates.
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