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is creating the Vocal podcast app, and other great free culture content.
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About Needle & Thread

Needle & Thread is a creative organization run by Nathan Dyer which is responsible for the maintenance of the Vocal podcast app for Linux, as well as a host of projects related to open source software and free culture.

Your ongoing support here on Patreon goes to pay for upkeep costs for Vocal (hosting, bandwidth, etc.), as well as funding its ongoing development. Vocal is primarily developed by Nathan Dyer, with the help of an amazing community of free software fans who help the project by filing issues, submitting pull requests, providing translations, and many other important tasks.

Needle & Thread also maintains various smaller projects, such as the Exquisite Templates project which attempts to pool together useful or interesting templates from users all over the world for use in ~/Templates directories. We also have some upcoming creative projects, so stay tuned!

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