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I'm Bear. Several people have asked me about setting one of these up so I thought, until the day I (hopefully) get partnered with Twitch, I may as well to help keep the stream running.

I don't really have any incentives to offer to entice you to give me your money. I mean, if you're gonna give it to me, it's because you want to.

I was recently persuaded to leave the job I was at by the people I work for after having to take time off due to the stress it caused. In a nutshell, they convinced me that 'things won't get better and this is going to end up ending badly for you'. So, I'm jobless. I have, and am continuing to try to get another stable job. So far, I've failed. I can't pay my bills, which, results in me being offline when I get cut off by my ISP. I'm in a hefty negative bank balance with rising debt.

I'll be looking for a new job regardless. I don't expect my Twitch broadcast to pay the bills, but I'll never stop streaming either.

Hopefully, I can get a job as soon as possible and get back to living a normal life being able to sustain myself and stand on my own two feet, because as much as I love your money, I don't want to depend on it.

Feel free to throw your money at me if you CAN and WANT to.

Thank you for even watching my broadcasts. It means the world to me that people, with their own worlds, own lives, own problems, take time out of their days to sit and watch me talk nonsense for hours a day.
$0 of $550 per month
£390 / £550 gets my bills paid. That's me living bare minimum with my parents, contributing to rent and paying my own outgoings.
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