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Hello - I have been writing for 25 years about music, politics and culture. Although especially interested in race, hip hop, metal and the experience of immigrants in western pop music I've written about all kinds of music from the avant-garde to the charts, for all kinds of magazines and for all kinds of readers. I've also written about film, politics, the music business and . . . .tell y'what, let me show you. 

F.U.N.K Blog 
Here's my blog. It contains spanking new writing about what music is floating my boat and spinning my propeller on a weekly basis. It's also a home for thoughts about journalism, politics, cinema and everything inbetween. 

I write currently for DJ Magazine where I'm in charge of the hip hop page and hip hop features, as well as Wire magazine and the Quietus. My Quietus pieces, including my acclaimed series' 'A New Nineties' and 'Eastern Spring' (later expanded on and published by Zero Books), can be found here. 
Neil Kulkarni @ The Quietus

In a career spanning 3 decades I've written for innumerable mags and newspapers in the UK, Europe and USA. In about 2005 it was becoming increasingly tuff for me to support my family with just freelance-journalism work so I took on a few hours teaching at a local media and music college. That teaching quickly ballooned to the point where it is now my full-time job, which leaves me precious little time to write. However I'm still maintaining regular work with all the mags & sites above, as well as many others. In the past 15 years I've written and contributed to 4 books, and my blog has nearly 3 quarters of a million views after 4 years of writing it. I'm currently writing a new book for Repeater Books called 'The English Rock Defence League' about the racism inherent in Western pop music and the music business.

Alot of my writing has attracted a lot of controversy over the years but I feel my style of writing - opinionated, funny, intelligent writing that doesn't talk down to people - is increasingly marginalised in today's era of 'content provision' and 's.e.o'. It's still my belief that a critic's job is to write as beautifully as the things s/he's describing and to tell the truth. I've decided to ask for support via Patreon as I'd love to find a way to become purely a writer again. I have set up this page in order to enable people to help me continue to write and survive. Thanks in advance for anyone who cares to contribute x 

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