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About Neil Willcox

My name's Neil and I'm writing an age of sail fantasy serial. Every month I'll post a new episode.

Currently posted episodes:
1.  A Triumph At Sea
2.  On The Rock
3.  The Curse of the Ice Witch
4.  In At The Kill
5.  A Voyage Out East
6.  At The Court Of The Elf Lord
7.  South Sea Pirates
8.  To Whom It May Concern
9.  On The Sea Of Glass
10.The Siege Of Observation Bay
11. An Expedition To Antipodea
12. Off The Gateway To The Forbidden Lands
It's a little old school and pulpy and doesn't take history (or geography) as seriously as perhaps it should. It's my thoughts on ships and people of the eighteenth century and also on magic and elves and necromancy

It's about flintlock pistols and broadsides and storms and weird islands and crazy wizards and rampaging pirates and even about some of the things that get left out when you're writing about wooden ships and the men who sail on them.

It's about three men and one woman sailing the world ocean, and exploring a globe that slightly resembles our own. But the further from home they go, the stranger things will get and the more history morphs into myth and legend.

The first giant-size episode A Triumph at Sea is available for free. If you like it and want to read more, then sign up as a patron. You pay me a small amount and you get an extra piece by me as well as a new episode every month. Thank you!

Here's a few details: It's a thirteen part series, with each part being 5-8,000 words, and parts one and thirteen being double-length. Each one will in theory stand alone though there is an ongoing storyline and jumping in at part 13 will require you to get up to speed pretty quickly. In addition every month there will be some background notes and also a map that may clarify what's going on.

I have written all the episodes so it will run all the way to the end..

Last year I posted my space opera serial Chronicles of the Deep Patrol. All the posts are still here and are accessible via this index post.

(If you are entertained by my work then you might enjoy my Edwardian Comedy Crime Novel The Inexplicable Affair of the Mesmerising Russian Nobleman available from Amazon as a Kindle ebook and as a paperback.)
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In addition to the usual episode and background notes I'll also publish something else every month; a story, a poem, perhaps a review or recipe.
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