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Hosting a Radio Show can be a lot of fun, and it definitely has it's rewards!  But it can also get costly, and doing it all independently without a guaranteed paycheck  can make things rough.Trying to advance the show and bring the listeners a better product is a major challenge. The website is up and running at There's On Demand shows from Myself and interviews from Japan Nick. There's also a  stream consisting of previous Metalmouth shows 24/7! Like most Independent Broadcasters I rely heavily on listener support.  I set up this Patreon account as a way to help pay the monthly bills. There's the cost of the website hosting, the server and maintenance on computers and other equipment. And of course other general expenses. A monthly Donation of just two Dollars or more will help much more than you could realize. Of course if you'd like to give a one time donation that would be greatly appreciated too. A donate button can be found on my website and my official Facebook page. Thank you!                                                                                  \m/ Keep it Metal \m/
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