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Hello folks and welcome to my Patreon page!

I've been making gaming videos on Youtube ( for a few years now and have been lucky enough to build a great community that is slowly growing over time. My main claim to fame is that I do a lot of Starsector videos and I love that game, but that is not all I do, I play old games, new games, games with friends and I've started a more codified streaming schedule.

I am always immensely gratified and humbled when I get any financial assistance from my viewers (in cheers, subs, gifted subs and questions about when I'm starting my Patreon) and so I, equally humbly and gratified, put this page to you now. 

Just a few things to point out first:
  • Being my supporter on Patreon will never be required to watch any of my content/streams
  • I do a lot of Starsector videos. 
  • I don't only do Starsector videos, I do a lot of other stuff too. 
  • I don't always do Starsector videos. Sometimes I stop and take a few months rest because otherwise I'll burn out.
  • Just need to make that clear, you'd be supporting me, not my Starsector videos.

We good? Cool :) Welcome to the Nemonauts (apparently that's a thing now),
Thank you,
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