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Hi, I'm Lobro! In June of 2017, I started streaming games on Twitch hoping that I would find a way to help people through positive entertainment. I quickly learned that people came to watch and hangout for the positive message and community... not the games. I realized helping people learn how to become the best version of themselves is my passion. In 2018 I (mostly) turned off the games and turned my stream into an interactive talk show about positivity with neon lights, retro 80's music, and a welcoming community.

Enter: The Neon Positivity Show.

I'm taking the best elements from my show and turning it into a show and podcast aimed to help people get out of their funk and believe in themselves. The podcast will highlight the stories of amazing people and feature topical discussion about personal growth, self-care, mental health, and more...

My goal is to launch The Neon Positivity Podcast by the end of February 2019 everywhere podcasts are made available with special rewards for Patrons.

The two primary episode formats will be:
  • Glowing and Growing: topical discussion about personal growth and self-care.
  • The Glowstick Theory: interview format intended to highlight the stories of incredibly positive influencers.

Here’s where you come in to make this a reality! Because podcasting may seem simple in theory, producing one well takes a lot of preparation and production time. Yes, I have a lot going on in my own life, but if you know anything about me, you know I am 100% dedicated to my craft: making positivity louder.

I estimate launching this podcast will require a minimum of 30 hours a week for interviews, research, recording, editing, mixing, arranging guests, correspondence, artwork, and website development. I'm devoting this time in addition to my full time Twitch streaming, content creation workload, and preparation my wedding in September of 2019.

Your contribution goes directly towards everything it takes to create this kind of content full time: improve the quality of the podcast, neon positivity-branded merchandise, artwork, hosting and web development services, and of course paying for my bills so I can keep creating positive content.

Thank you for your contribution. At the end of the day, everything helps. I simply want to help people become the best versions of themselves by telling you the stories of people on that journey and sharing my passion for personal growth and self-care.

Love & glowsticks,

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If you guys love it, I'll produce two podcasts a month!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 4 exclusive posts
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