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👳💣 thank you if you chose this tier. you get the stuff below:

• Access to Patron exclusive channels.

• Access to a Patron exclusive role.

• Reduced cooldowns.

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damn cranky cameron. you get this stuff:

• Previous rewards.

• Featured in Neons's Patron command. (/patrons)

• Smaller reduced cooldowns.

• Access to advertise in Discord server.

• NeonCoins Multiplier.

• Larger daily NeonCoins.

• Access to more NSFW commands.

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• Previous rewards. 

• Removed cooldowns.

• Patron exclusive commands. (Believe me, there is a lot of them.)

This tier is limited to 2000 Patrons.




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About platinum0526

Hi, my name is platinum0526. I created the Discord bot "Neons", which has tons of different and fun commands. Donating to my Patreon page will allow you to get pretty cool benefits for paying. I think they're pretty cool, don't you think?
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ill buy like a big mac or something im starving right now boi
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