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Hello, my name is Marc Schneider and I'm the guy behind Nerd Fiction (formerly called "The Nerds of Geek"), although I tend to refer to the channel as a collective because none of the content we make here would be possible without the ideas, influences and passion of my friends, family, subscribers or creators of any of the content I talk about. I may put the videos together, but none of it would be possible without the communities all around the world that have created games, movies and music for me to be passionate about, the gamers and youtube consumers who've challenged my views and forced me to think from a different angle and the friends who get to suffer through all the garbage that gets left on the cutting room floor to make the best episodes we can make.

The best Episodes we can make. That is what it really comes down to. I started the channel in co-op with my girlfriend Rachel after a few let's say different attempts to make youtube content. I had grown really tired of the constant plugs to subscribe, and like and comment and go to my twitter, etc., But I'd also grown really tired of all the negativity especially around gaming content, I saw people just bashing games I really enjoyed for minor almost arbitrary reasons and stating these as facts to why the game was "bad." But to me, "good" and "bad" these are entirely subjective labels, what makes something good or bad can be built on a basis of things like technical proficiency that can be judged somewhat objectively, but there are so, so many other factors that go into the overall enjoyment of a game and most of those decisive factors are entirely subjective based on how the player was raised, their personality their previous experience and the list just goes on and on. So in a world of subjectivity, anything I'd have to say would be entirely subjective and if that's the case, why would I want to be a critic pointing out how everything can be reduced to garbage, when I could spend my time looking at the aspects of games that are harder to define, the things that swept you away into a world you never knew existed, that magic that made me and I'm sure a lot of you fall in love with games in the first place. So that's what this is, a channel dedicated to the good of gaming, at a high quality both in the writing and production, without the focus on growing the channel at the forefront.

For any of you familiar with youtube, you probably realize how lofty a goal this is. It counters every basic model of success on the platform. Infrequent uploads, not begging for growth before actually getting to the content, not playing the youtube game, being subject to an interpretation of "Fair Use" but giving all of the tools to steal your ad revenue to companies like Paramount or Sony that will abuse that to steal from hard working content creators. But you see, the beauty of youtube to me has always been its promise to allow you to break through the norm and carve your own path, and so that's what we're doing. This patreon is not required by any means to be a supporter of our content, it is simply here as a tool we have available to those who want to help us push the vision of this channel forward by providing support to allow me to take less freelance work to pay bills and instead use that time for new videos on the channel, to have a home where those closest to the mindset of the channel can grow and become closer, and to utilize the one loophole the youtube algorithm can never take away, Community Support.

Thank you all for reading, and for coming to this patreon. Have a look around and if you feel like supporting our goal for positive, thought out content on youtube, we will be sure to do everything we can to give you something special in return. 

Your Friend,


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