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You are so awesome for wanting to help out.  If everyone was like you, our channel would be our bread and butter in no-time. You get access to Patron-only feed, including early access to our project videos and the occational vlog - can't thank you enough! 

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All of the above, and your questions will be prioritized and answered in Q&A sessions as well as here on Patreon. You deserve the title Nerd Supporter and you can enjoy that role in our discord server! THANKS!

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In addition to what all the other rewards provide, if you want you'll be credited at the end of all videos for as long as you are a Patreon supporter, captain! Can't thank you enough! Enjoy Captain status in our Discord server!

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About Nerdforge

What up fellow nerds?
Martina & Hansi here!

We have set up a Patreon in hopes that one day we can reach the goal of doing what we love for a living: making diy videos.

If one percent of our nerdiest subscribers join us, and sponsor us with only one dollar per month, we would have enough every month to spend on projects and tools it requires. And it would be more than 3 times than what YouTube pays. 

If you want to support us fellow nerds in creating awesome projects and videos, be that 1%! It's easy to think that 1$ wont make a difference, but it really does. In return, we will give you some behind the scenes content, special Patreon pictures and updates, and credit in the videos. Look at the right side for benefits!

Thank you for considering it, it is hugely appreciated.

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Freedom of choice! With this amount you have allowed us to take on some bigger projects that we wouldn't have done without our Patreon. Thank you!
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