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About The Nerd's Domain

The Nerd's Domain is a group of friends producing podcasts, reviews, and entertainment that focus on all the geeky things that geeks enjoy. 

We have 3 active podcasts currently, with 1 on an "occasional" release schedule, and 2 on hiatus. The podcasts and their release schedules are listed below.

The Nerd's Domain Podcast (ACTIVE) is hosted by Matt, Jestin, and Shirley, with occasional guest hosts. We cover a little bit of everything through our different episode types. When we're talking about what we're doing and enjoying, it's a Whatcha Doin! episode, We watch and discuss movies from the Criterion Collection, and we try to make to the movie theatre on open weekend for an Immediate Movie Review episode. The Nerd's Domain Podcast is released weekly on Sundays.

The Nerd's Domain Presents Masks of Nyarlathotep (we just call it Masks) (ACTIVE) is our Call of Cthulhu 6th edition play podcast. We have two groups, with the first hosted by Matt as the Keeper and featuring George, Shirley, Phil, and Rob as the intrepid occultists and spies. The second group is hosted by John Q as the keeper and featuring Johnny B, Ed, Chris and Matt as commandos fighting the Mythos. Each podcast focuses on the roleplay aspects, the rules of Call of Cthulhu and the story the investigators are trying to follow. Occasionally we invite guest Keepers to present a new story, with different characters, stories and themes, while keeping our focus on the Call of Cthulhu rules system. The current storyline is Season 2, Achtung! Cthulhu, and focuses on World War II, and the Mythos influences in it. Masks is released every week on Saturdays

 is the show where we talk with crowd funding project creators about their projects and let them discuss their passion. These short interviews are a chance for the creators to talk to more people about their projects in a new way. Occasionally, we even record these live from conventions. Go Fund This! releases as it's recorded.

There Are Four Lights! (ON HIATUS) is our Star Trek Podcast. Matt and Shirley have a guest host each week (or at least most weeks) and discuss an episode of Star Trek. They are starting with Season 1 of TOS, and will be going through each of the shows, episode by episode. There Are Four Lights releases every Wednesday.

As the Tome Travelers (ACTIVE), hosts John and Roxy go on a journey through roleplaying games of the past. Sure, you know the big names in RPGs, but this is the show where we take a look at those settings and systems that are harder to find, or even out of print. Each month, we’ll take one episode to give you an overview of the system, where it came from and what happened to it, and then, in the follow-up episode, we will go through the character creation process. Tome Travelers is released every other Monday.

Dice Voyeurs (ACTIVE) is our show, hosted by John and Roxy, where we invite our friends around for dinner and dice reviews. Every other week, we will select and give our thoughts on a set of dice or a dice accessory. Links to purchase any reviewed items will be included in each show’s notes and an accompanying entry will be posted on our blog. Dice Voyeurs is released every other Tuesday.

There is so much more we want to do, but time and money are our primary constraints. That's where you come in. Helping us here, gets us closer to be able to take the next step toward those plans. If you enjoy our content, help us out by donating a little bit to us. It would mean a lot.
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