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is creating humble works dictated to her by gods in dreams
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About ness io olibhia kain

hi, it's liv.

listen, i'm just going to give it to you straight: i know that what i am about to say is going to sound psychologically troubled on, like, a concerning level. but i am, and i know, because doctors have told me this. "ms. kain," they say, "you are psychologically troubled. on, like.. a concerning level." we all recognize this; let's all just agree we'll take it into consideration and move on.

i receive divine messages in my dreams. gods speak to me. i know what you're thinking & yes, i know dreams are just like that sometimes, but listen. listen: i have regular dreams like you and then i have revelatory dreams. prophetic. at times, even prognosticatory. and these feel different. i am visited by divine voices and shown images and circumstances i don't even fully understand. and i don't always know what to do with that information. but when i do, it comes very naturally: i write. music, usually. because these supernatural parables & otherworldly vistas need to be brought to life; i end up meditating upon them when i am awake and when i am asleep. i digest them, regurgitate them, and reprocess them in cycles like honey from the mouths of bees.

i'm currently working on my sophomore solo album, oubliettes. it's the messages from a specific few vivid prophetic dreams i've had, interpreted through a syncretic lens of christian gnosticism (and jewish scripture by association), celtic folklore, and ancient egyptian eschatology. i'm putting all this into glitchy, ethereal pop songs arranged in a careful chiasmus. as i finish each track, i pre-release them one at a time to backers of this patreon. once the whole album is completed, it will go up online for everyone to enjoy!

if you've not seen any of my existing work, i recommend the glitchpop album i released in 2016. it's called soft blue halo, and you can hear it in full on bandcamp. it's also available on itunes, amazon, google play, youtube, pandora, tidal, and everywhere else you might listen to music. some of the things it's on, i'm not even sure what they are. but it's on there, and you can listen to it!

music isn't the only creative work that i do, either. i am presently working on the rulebooks for a tabletop game i'm designing called aiseirigh. if you back me on patreon, you will get to see each illustration for this project as it is finished. i also am always designing new characters and producing other miscellaneous drawn or audio content. backing at the advanced tier gives you access to absolutely everything i make, before anyone else gets to see it!

having your financial help here on patreon allows me to produce more work and get it to your eyes and ears faster than i would be able to if i did not have this income.

with your involvement, i will be able to make my next album every bit as special as the last was, and i'll have the opportunity to create all kinds of other interesting things along the way. i can't wait to see what we put together. 🖤
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