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My favorite pets of course! Imps will get shout outs in videos!
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Who doesn't love puppies? Even demonic ones? Shout outs, and drawings for special prizes including swag and in game items!



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I would like to thank you guys for taking the time to check out little ol' me. This is a big dream of mine, my one desire. Thanks for the support and even considering to look at my patreon, let alone becoming a patron! I'm hoping to put together a new pc build and some awesome content to get people engaged in the community of Warcraft and beyond. Have an awesome day. (More to come!) You guys rock!

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This is for my first gaming/streaming pc build. ALL patrons will be getting shout outs in credits, and I will be making a film on the build featuring patrons. I will be selecting from all the imps and felhunters randomly, gifts from the channel including hats, shirts, stickers, and in game items such as pets and mounts! One winner per tier.
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