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The initial goal of my presence here is to manage somehow to survive. I will keep on creating cute music with VOCALOID, maybe I will push further my sound and get some mixing/mastering done, maybe more Fan Made Vocaloid Concerts to be participated in their creation... But for now, the main goal remains. Thank you for your support!

Pledges are per month and not per video/content created. This is because where I produce more content, you won’t get an unexpected amount billed. I think is safer this way, and also, the numbers won't look so scary anymore either!

If it is possible to achieve the second goal, that's where the 'normal life' begins, I will be able to save for the brain surgery which will remove part of the tumors and replace the damaged skull bones! But for that to happen, I need also more work to do, so please hit me up with mixing/mastering tasks! (especially if you like the sound I make!) Thank you!

For those seeking what is still published on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/artist/neutrinop/id459026971

$38 of $500 per month
Medication and food. Yes, that's how much it is actually, while the bills are supported by my old mom. This goal represents my "beggar state", which now will be permanent it seems, no more surgeries because there's nothing left to do but wait for the terminal phase. Thank you for still being by my side!
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