Raven J. Demers

is creating mythpunk, magic realism, sci-fi, spec fic, horror, and poetry.
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About Raven J. Demers

I'm an independent wordsmith with a passion for mythology, science fiction, and forgotten languages. I've been writing stories and poetry since I was five years old.

With a host of stories, poems, and more advice articles than I could wade through with highwaters if stacked together, I'm pleased to announce my latest novel, Seal Breaker, launched May 18th, 2019. It's my eighth book, third novel, and the second book in the Amakai series! Check it out at Amazon or Barnes & Noble.

Subscriptions will allow me to hire editors to improve the content of my works, illustrators to add visual appeal to stories, and artists to create amazing cover art.  They will also allow me to help support my beloved family, and take my work beyond its current boundaries.

Come dance through the worlds swirling through my head, share in the dreams of three decades of work.  If you love speculative fiction, mythology, and puzzling out the human condition, my work is for you.
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