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is creating support for the homeless.
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Health Centre
per month
Your contribution will allow someone to go to Jubilee Health Centre and see a doctor, nurse or physio. 
Identity Card
per month
This contribution will pay the fees for getting a new South African identity card from Home Affairs. 

Shelter and Creche for a woman & child.
per month
This contribution will allow a woman & child to be in a shelter & pay for her childs creche fees at St Anne's Homes.




per month

About New Hope SA

Welcome to New Hope. We're a voluntary association that strive to help the homeless in every way we can. We are currently based at the St Peters Community Dinners project and have been helping people into shelters, rehabilitation, job readiness and health care since 2010. We also provide training & resources for people wanting to help the homeless. 

We've identified that the main barriers for someone wanting to leave the street are lack of community, insufficient rehabilitation and finances to cover accommodation. With your contribution we will help assist those in need into shelters, rehabilitation, family reunification, job readiness courses and medical assistance.

There is no "quick-fix" to homelessness - it takes a lot of time, energy and resources to successfully journey with someone into independence. The majority of South Africa is under resourced, misinformed and emotionally desensitized to the issues, causes and lives of the homeless in our community.

We have partnered with some amazing organisations who provide the resources to help those in need. Please take a look at their websites here for more information on how they operate. 

We have the wonderful support of an ever-growing community of financial backers, volunteers, mentors and visionaries who ensure we are engaging in ethically responsible development with those we help. Over the years many friendships have been formed over shared meals, conversations and bibles studies which continue to this day. If you are in Cape Town, South Africa may we encourage you to be inclusive in your everyday lives with those living on the streets. 

We have also developed a map for our area (Cape Town to Mowbray) which highlights some of the services offered to the homeless and destitute. Our goal is to expand this map to cover a wider range of services and areas.  

$789 of $1,000 per month
$1000 will allow us to support multiple people in shelter & rehab programs. 
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