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About New Internationalist

Our journalism has always sought to expand the perimeters of the possible. Today, this is needed more than ever.

Through small, regular contributions, we'll be able to boost and sustain our digital presence by:

- Launching a new podcast: Contested Legacies, which looks at the lives of figures like Gandhi, Rosa Luxembourg and Hugo Chavez to work out what lessons we can learn from the past.

- Funding investigations on our website into places overlooked by the mainstream, as we’ve done so far on US military bases in Diego Garcia, Princess Diana’s visit to Bahrain and the 'Five Eyes' international surveillance network.

- Covering breaking news on social movements: as we did for Extinction Rebellion.

You can choose from one of three tiers, which come with great rewards, from a free copy of Danny Dorling’s The Equality Effect to a print and digital subscription to our bimonthly magazine. Check them out on the right-hand side →

As well as rewards and access to exclusive content, your support will be instrumental in building a media organization that centres the Majority World in its analysis.

So, help us build a 21st-century internationalist media.

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