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Hi :) I love Improvised Music because it's spontaneous, immediate and free - you never know what happens in the next split second.

I teach Music Improvisation at the YouTube Channel NewJazz. I love to teach and help other Musicians to be even better. My quest is to make Music as simple as possible. Playing a solo does not have to be complicated. Simple Music is often the best Music!

I have a Master Degree in Music and Multimedia from the University of Aarhus, Denmark. I work part-time as a bus driver to make a living. I have chosen this very nice 'manual' job quite deliberately; then I'm totally free to express myself in Music and Teaching. I can do things "MY WAY" free of Music Institutions and rigid traditions that crush the natural development of Music. With a free feeling we are able to play real Music!

All Music stuff from NewJazz is public and for everybody. Nothing is hidden behind a paywall. All Music should be cost free in my opinion. So you should not feel obligated to donate anything. Feel free to benefit from all my work at all times - that's the main purpose of the NewJazz project. Nevertheless, voluntary donations make my dream real; I can cut down the hours driving the bus and in return teach Music. So I will of course be very grateful if you choose to donate a dollar or two :)

So thanks a lot for your attention (donations or no donations) and enjoy playing Music :)

The Best and Warm Music Regards
Oliver Prehn
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All NewJazz Lessons are PUBLIC, FREE and for EVERYBODY. So don't feel obliged to donate anything. But if you choose to support my work anyhow - on a voluntary basis - you help make my dream come true; to TEACH MUSIC and make a living out of it. For that I'll of course be very very GRATEFUL!!! Warm regards from Oliver 

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So far I have been able to cut down the hours at my regular job as a BUS DRIVER with an entire day every week - all because of you wonderful girls and guys. In return I have been able to make MORE MUSIC LESSONS. In 2017-18 I made a new lesson about every fifth week. Now in 2019 I'm able to make a new video about every fourth week. So thanks a lot - I'm REALLY REALLY GRATEFUL!!! I hope that at some point in the future I only have to drive 1 or 2 days a week and still make a living and in a higher degree dedicate my life to teaching. The best and warm regards from Oliver
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