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This is a place for uncomfortable little futures.
New Orbit Magazine is a medium for writers to share and readers to speculate on the endless possibilities that lie in our futures. It is a place to experience deep, meaningful concepts; compelling, cautionary stories that will evoke a personal feeling of discomfort or introspection in a reader by encouraging speculation about one’s place in the future. Following in the footsteps of the literary magazines that published early works of Isaac Asimov, Roald Dahl, H. G. Wells, and countless other legends, and running alongside modern storytelling concepts like Black Mirror, we want to be the first port of call for those seeking these extraordinary, perspective-changing stories. They will cross all genres, come from writers of all walks of life, and are hand-picked to challenge our perceptions and perspectives of the future. And, New Orbit Magazine is a two-way street; not only providing concepts and ideas for readers to experience, it allows a forum for readers to comment and contribute, with words from the public being printed in every issue.

Part of our production cost is inherent in our ecological attitude. For an organisation so invested in speculating about the possibilities of the future, it would be incredibly hypocritical of us not to have the realities of the future in mind. New Orbit Magazine makes a pledge to print and package responsibly, utilising 100% forest managed paper and an organic, biodegradable plastic alternative for shipping.

Please check out for more information on the project, to submit your stories, and for the opportunity to get a subscription with a presale discount.
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