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About News Burp

Here is where you can support our Comedy News Show #NewsBurp!

What started off as Ireland's only Comedy News Podcast has evolved into Ireland's only Independent Podcast Network.

"News Burp" - a show that trawls the internet for the weird and unusual news and burps its essence in your general direction.  New shows every Monday.

"Table For Two" - Two grown men complaining like children because they have to work in hospitality.  The bosses, the customers, the colleagues and the good times too!

"Master Creators" - Interview podcast with host and comedian Rob Coyle about the creative process.  What inspires you, what's your process and how do you deal with being creative but having to work a normal job to pay the bills?

"The Splendad Show" - There are more "blended" families in the western world than there are traditional families, so two step dads talk about what it's like to be a step dad - from meeting their partners to present day and what they think the future holds.

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